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Re: [IP] venting- pump start

Congrads Rebecca.
I know how you are feeling. My daughter Natalee started on the same day with 
her MM508 and it has been scary also here. Not with high sugar levels but 
with the low ones. But I have seen such a difference in Natalee already. She 
seems to be much happier and much more attentive to her diabetes then she was 
before. She has waited a long 4 years for this pump and has gone from hell 
and back being sick and hospitalized more times then I could ever tell you. 
She has kept an accurate record of everything she has done, without me 
PUSHING her, unlike before. She laughs now and actually has a certain glow to 
her. She is very proud that this pump is part of her and for her sake and 
your daughters I hope this will always remain with them both.
Hang in there, for you and I are traveling down the same road at the same 
I would love to talk to you and keep you informed as we do this, for this is 
a new thing for me and I am also very nervous also.
Thank you,
Mom to 13 yr. old Natalee....pumping with her MM508 since 5-07-01
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