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Re: [IP] Do stubborn highs mean anything?


  Josh, 9 y.o., on Dis H-Tron Plus 1.5 years.  We have nights just like this 
and I feel that your hunch maybe right.  If they sleep in a weird position it 
may literally be blocking the flow of the insulin from the pump.  Josh can 
run high several nights in a row.  I will do corrections in the night and in 
the mor ning he will have perfect BGs or close to them.  We have experimented 
with several different ways of wearing the pump at night.  Josh prefers the 
Waist band so he wears that 24/7.  We just have to make sure that at night it 
is pulled way over to his right hip so that when he sleeps on his left side 
the pump and tubing hub are not too close to the bed and getting bent over.  
This seems to work really well now.  He stays pretty even at night!  Work on 
how your son wears the pump at night.

Good luck!

mom to Joshua
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