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[IP] Re: Death by hypo possible?

Ask your doctor about the "Dead in Bed Syndrome", there are medical articles 
about it.  It is not nice reading for any diabetic's parent, or any diabetic 
for that matter.  Doctors don't tell you most of the things you need 
to/should know.

Also hypos are bad for children's brains.  By age 7, this isn't such a 
danger,  so they say.  But you still want to be careful.

My Claire doesn't go into comas or convulsions when low, her body rebounds 
itself to very high glucose levels.  But I always wonder what level she went 
down to before this kicked in.  The lowest I have had her tested at is 
35--she was running around her school playground before lunch and said she 
felt fine.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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