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[IP] The 18th day...

Well everyone, I figured it's time to give a little update on my progress.  
As most of you know, I started pumping without my doc's OK and without the 
CDE teaching me anything. (as per the post that read, "I did a bad bad 
thing") Anyhow, this is my 18th day of pumping and everything has been going 
GREAT!! My blood sugars have been 'perfect' for the most part, except when I 
put the infusion set in wrong, but I quickly corrected that problem.  I love 
this pumping thing, it's awesome, changed my life already and I'll NEVER go 
back to injections.  I set my own basal rates with help from a friend... 
Gina, thank you!!  And I've not had to change them much at all. I only have 2 
different rates, .7 from 8am to 10pm and from 10pm to 8am, it's .6.  I use a 
15 to 1 ratio and a correction of 1 per 50. My CDE told me that was about 
average and she was proud of me for taking the initiative!  I know there's 
going to be days when I have problems but so far, so good. Oh, I did get an 
alarm one night and had to fix it but it was really nothing and I was fine. I 
want to thank everyone here for all their help and kindness. I've had some 
bad days and when I told you all, you made things better for me and made me 
laugh ... you're like my 2nd family!! I really appreciate you all. (Even 
though I seem very sarcastic at times, I do care)
Thanks everyone!!!
Pumping since 4/21/01 with Disetronic Htron(Tinkerbell)
waiting for my back ordered Dtron (Bruno)
Dx10-01-81  South Florida
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