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Re: [IP] Merck-Medco mail order

In a message dated 5/8/01 12:49:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> You see the Styrofoam
> prevents it from reaching the high temperatures. If this is true why did my
> vials feel warm to the touch when it was only 70 degrees outside. Joe then
> asked if the insulin was cloudy or if they was any clumps in it. There
> wasn't, he said that it should be fine to use. I wasn't satisfied, however. 
> I
> really don't care how they receive it, when it comes to me I want it to on
> ice. After all these vials hold my well being in their hands, well sorta of.

I have to deal with Merck Medco.  I hate it also.  I have it sent next day 
delivery which I pay a fee for.  I check it online to see when it is shipped 
so I can be home to receive it.  My last order was not packed with ice but 
was cool when it arrived.  This was last Feb.  I just ordered this week and 
should receive it any day now.  It is about 75 here.  I hope it is packed on 

Enough people have to complain to them.  It cost them money each time they 
have to replace the insulin.  I wish they would just give up on mailing it 
and let us get it from the pharmacy at a reasonable copay.  I use to be able 
to pay 15.00 a month which would come to 45.00 for a 90 day supply.  They 
will let me do this for two months and then double my copay to 30.00 a month. 
 I have now been forced to do mail order 90 day supply for 32.50.  

I will keep you posted.

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