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[IP] Re: Bad mail order insulin

>>>> I would recommend that you label the insulin that your returning as being
exposed to high temperatures so they will not send it back out to another one
of us and then they will realize that they will be losing money and do
something about it. >>>>

Please mark the packages of the vials themselves with a magic marker or
something, not just the outer maling package. They easily could open the
package and the vials *look* okay and might pass them on, as stated. I used to
buy peanut butter by the 5# pail (every 3 weeks). My son complained once that
the p.b. was burned. I gently ignored him. The next sandwich he complained
again so I got up and went and looked at it. It was very dark brown and
smelled burned. The pail was 1/4 empty and only 2 sandwiches had been made. I
put a big black X on the lid and took it back. I'm sure someone else returned
it and it wasn't marked, it was put back on the shelf and I bought it. Since
then I have made sure when I return something I mark the actual item to
prevent that. (~_^)

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