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Re: [IP] different bolus rates

On 8 May 2001, at 11:22, SARAH wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I just talked to my MM rep here in Canada as she is assisting my in
> figuring out bolus rates for when I start pumpimg Humalog on Thursday. I
> asked her about using a different insulin:CHO ratio at different times of
> the day, b/c that is what I use now. I know I have heard other pumpers
> mention that they too follow this regime even now on the pump. She said
> that if you are using difernt rates at didderent times of the day that
> your basal rates arent correct.... any opinions??

I disagree with her.  My *endo* put me on different basal rates.

Also, my trainer refused to say anything at all about the actual 
insulin doses.  She said she wasn't qualified.  Is yours a CDE or 
something?  If not, I'd be very leery about it.  She could be setting 
herself and MM up for a big time lawsuit if she's practicing 
medicine without a license.
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