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[IP] Merck-Medco insulin update

Well after speaking to Merck Medco Supervisor Kathryn Wong again today since 
they were supposedly Fed-Ex my Humulog which I did not get.  She said they 
sent it first class mail in same type of packaging.  I said that was no good 
because it'll take 3-4 days to get to me and the mail man will put it in the 
sun if I'm not here again.  They said their summer shipping has not gone 
into effect yet that they will ship that way but she will ship mine next day 
and most likely not Fed-Ex as originally promised.

Gee I'm lucky that I still have enough insulin on hand or I'd be in big 
trouble now since this will be going on for two weeks since I put in for my 

Now this will be try #3. Lets see if they get my insulin to me by Wed. or 
thurs.  She said it will take a few days to process the order and put a 
label on it.  I told her that since they messed it up they should be able to 
process it right away.  Well she will call me tommorrow and leave a message 
to let me know when it gets shipped so I can make sure I'm home to receive 
it since I don't want it sitting in the sun with no ice.

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