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Re: [IP] Do stubborn highs mean anything?

>Has anyone else seen anything like this? I've got two theories (both 
>bad): could he be fighting a rebound? or could he end up in a position 
>delivery is temporarily blocked, but when he gets up the site is fine?

Hi Susan

The only way to really find the problem is to test every hour or hour and 
half and if he is always on the low side or the BS keeps dropping the basals 
at night is to high and most likely is rebounding.  This was happening to 
me.  I would go to bed at 100-110 and wake up with 280 and up and when I 
test at 3am I would be anywhere at 80 - 90 so a 20 point drop is not that 
bad but I would wake up at over 280.  At that time my basals were at 1.0 and 
the endo wanted me to increase it to 1.1 then 1.2 and he just kept 
increasing it and I would wake up with higher BS . I told him I was 
rebounding but couldn't wake up at 3am to test a prove it.  So I just 
ignored him and began to drop my basal .1 every 3rd nite and now I'm at .6 
and waking up with 79 - 100 BS although I can't include the last week and 
half that I've been high from other reasons.

But speak to your doctor before making any drastic changes and when you do 
try and test during the night to make sure that this is the case.

This is YMMV thing so whats true for me may not be true for anyone else

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