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Re: [IP] Re: Death by hypo possible?

> ... Her endo told me during our last visit that there is no way
> you can die from going to low. Is this true?

I'm sure you will get plenty of descriptions and  scenarios of how and why
this is not true. However, I will tell you that for the past 30 years I have
deliberately acted as if this were true. My rationale has been that
hypoglycemia is essentially self-correcting and hyperglycemia is not. If I
were to do something wrong that would  incapacitate me with low BG I would
expect to eventually come out of it when the excess insulin wears off.
However it the opposite were to happen and  I was incapacitated because of
high BG then there was no expectation of ever coming out of it with out
external help.

The situation is somewhat different now with the pump but I still tend to
worry more about long term consequences from high BG and more about short
term consequences from low BG.
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