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[IP] Re: Diabetes Supplies - Long

To All:

I've been following the recent postings concerning insulin shipment from
mail order houses and would like to share some very positive experiences
I've had with Advantage Health Services (www.advantagerx.com) in Willow
Grove, PA.  I've been purchasing my supplies from them since 1992 and
have never had a problem.  They have been the nicest and most
accommodating people to do business with.  All shipments are sent
overnight with no freight charges to the purchaser.  Insulin is shipped
in bubble wrap and with "Polar Pak" ice packs.  If you know that you're
not going to be home to accept the shipment, they will hold shipment
until you will be home, or they will drop ship it to any location you
request.  One of the nice things of doing business with them is not only
do they accept all major insurance coverage, but in most cases, they
accept whatever the insurance company will pay.  I used to be with
Principal Insurance and am now with Cigna.  Other than my annual
deductible, I pay NO co-pay on anything with them.  They accept the
insurance company's payment - and that's on glucose meters and supplies,
insulin, syringes, glucose tablets, prescription drugs, etc. - you name
it!  In fact, now that I just started pumping, they can supply me with
all my pump supplies at no-charge to me.  And they can get you any pump
you want.  In addition to major insurance companies, they now started a
Medicare division (OMC), that does the same thing for people on
Medicare.  I hate to sound like an advertisement for these people, but
these people are the greatest.  The company was started by a diabetic
(Marc Blatstein) in 1990 to help all us diabetics.  Check out their web
site or give them a call.  1-800-682-8283; www.advantagerx.com

One other short note.  On Monday, I started pumping.  At this point, all
I can say is "why didn't I start years ago?"  Due to the amount of
support that Animas had given me, I agreed to purchase my pump and
initial supplies from them rather than going through Advantage.  Well lo
and behold, I got a phone call from one of my contacts at Advantage.  It
seems that Animas couldn't get any Quick Set infusion sets from MiniMed
and had called them to fill my order.  Without a problem, four boxes of
Quick Sets and a Quick Serter showed up the next day.

Annapolis, MD
dx - May 1987     .........  and pumping since Monday!!!!!
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