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Re: [IP] Merck-Medco mail order

Hi Jennifer

well there's a few of us going through this right now and it looks like each 
one of us is getting a different answer - as I posted yesterday I spoke to a 
pharmacist Jay Perree (also from Columbus OH branch)and he gave me the run 
around so I insisted on speaking to the manager.  Kathryn Wong who is not a 
manager but a supervisor said the they are in the process of working on 
changing the procedures so its not in effect as of yet.  I spoke to her 
yesterday and I have a feeling they are telling the pharmacist to tell them 
that they are shipping next day UPS just to get rid of us.  I spoke to her 
yesterday 4/7/01 at 12:15 pm so I know the new procedures are not in effect 
yet.  They also said that they are Fed-Ex my my 8 vials of Humulog late 
yesterday for next day delivery and it is now 2:54 NY time and I have not as 
of yet received it. According to Eli Lilly Humulog does not have to be 
cloudy or crystalized to loose it potency so I would not trust the insulin.

I would call United Health Care in and tell them that you want to lodge a 
complaint (they will tell you to do it in writing) and to also call the 
Insurance commissioner of your state and lodge a complaint with them.  It 
looks like they are giving all of us a run around thinking that we are 
idiots.  If enough of us complain I guess United Health Care will have to 
get another mail order supplier and the Insurance commissioner should put 
Merck Medco out of business.

So lets all band together and try and do something about Merck Medco.

I would recommend that you label the insulin that your returning as being 
exposed to high temperatures so they will not send it back out to another 
one of us and then they will realize that they will be losing money and do 
something about it.  I also reccommend you get your insulin from you local 
pharmacy on your next refill - you will be safer that way then to trust 
Merck Medco.

>I wanted to share my story of Merck-Medco with everyone.
>I received my first order from them yesterday, which included 5 vials of
>Humalog. Before I ever placed this order I called to see what there 
>procedure was for insulin. I was told that it is sent Next Day Air via UPS
>on ice. The order I received was sent Next Day Air, but not on ice. It was
>shipped out on a Friday which means their Next Day Air turned into 3 days.
>All this time I have been reading all associated e-mails and gathering up
>the info to use as back-up if/when I had a problem. So I called Merck
>yesterday afternoon.

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