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Re: [IP] warning about Humalog cartridges

Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 07:35:24 -0800
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] warning about Humalog cartridges

Michael wrote:
> Recently on the peds-endo list there has been a discussion of
> multiple patients that have been dispensed Humalog-NPH cartridges by
> their pharmacies instead of straight Humalog. This has resulted in a
> number of people both using pumps and pens having unexplained high
> blood sugars until the mixup was discovered. Thankfully, so far no
> mixups the other way around have been discovered so their have been
> no overdoses of fast acting insulin.
> If you use CARTRIDGE HUMALOG, check the labeling carefully before
> using.

How could you POSSIBLY mistake Humalog for Humalog-NPH?  Does
HumaLOG-NPH even exist? I thought Humalog could only be mixed with

 Maybe you mean HumuLIN R and HumuLIN NPH? I still don't see how they
can be confused, because NPH is cloudy and R isn't.

Or maybe some people are loading their pumps in their sleep -- can't
tell if it's cloudy if your eyes aren't open!! :)

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It does and has happened to me.  In a rush to change cartridges last summer
I loaded my pump with Ultra-lente.  This was about 6pm one evening.  It
wasn't until after numerous boluses, vomiting from pre-DKA, and bg's in the
500's that I realized what I had done. 9am the next morning I loaded my pump
again with humalog. Since then I got rid of all my leftover ultra lente and
separated my humalog from regular in my fridge.
Pumpers aren't perfect.........but we try to be pretty darn close. : )
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