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Re: [IP] different bolus rates

> Hi Everyone,
> I just talked to my MM rep here in Canada as she is assisting my in
> figuring out bolus rates for when I start pumpimg Humalog on
> Thursday. I asked her about using a different insulin:CHO ratio at
> different times of the day, b/c that is what I use now. I know I
> have heard other pumpers mention that they too follow this regime
> even now on the pump. She said that if you are using difernt rates
> at didderent times of the day that your basal rates arent
> correct.... any opinions??

This question always starts an argument. It works for some people. 
The math suggests that only one is real, as 

are all related and they must all change for one to change. There is 
info on the HOWTO pages on how to check all the ratios.

There is more involved than just bolusing for carbs and basal 
insulin. There is dawn effect, hormone changes related to wake sleep 
cycle and whether or not you have eaten, and more..... all of these 
can change insulin needs an may not be related to clock time -- thus 
not amenable to a basal correction. The end result is that some 
people use a different ratio for ..... say, breakfast ..... than for 
other meals to compensate for some of this variation. One could just 
as easily use a standard ratio and add fixed bolus amounts as 
compensation for the "odd" effects of being alive :-)

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