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Re: [IP] Do stubborn highs mean anything?

> I am at my wits end!! For the past two months or so my son (Ryan who
> is four) has frequently been going high close to midnight, and then
> staying there all night (in the 300s) despite corrections every two
> hours.
> Has anyone else seen anything like this?


> I'm working with my doctor on this also - she wants me to wait five
> days before changing his rates so we can see a pattern

The doc is right, you just have to be on your toes. It is important 
to get repeatable data to work with otherwise everyone is just 

How often are you checking bg's between sleep time and midnight?
What time is his last meal & bolus before going to sleep? My 
observation is that going to sleep within 4 hours or less of 
meals+insulin tends to make night time bg's unstable for the first 
few hours.
How long does a set last before bg's go up? or is this not a problem?
Anything unusual going on with your son, rash, site irritation, 
sickness, growth spurt, etc...?
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