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[IP] Do stubborn highs mean anything?

I am at my wits end!! For the past two months or so my son (Ryan who is
four) has frequently been going high close to midnight, and then staying
there all night (in the 300s) despite corrections every two hours. It
doesn't happen every night. Some night he stays in range, and some nights he
goes high and responds well to corrections. But probably three out of five
nights lately he has gone high and refused to come down. When he finally
does come down close to breakfest, he seems fine. No ketones. The site seems
to work.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? I've got two theories (both equally
bad): could he be fighting a rebound? or could he end up in a position where
delivery is temporarily blocked, but when he gets up the site is fine? I've
tried lowering his evening basals in case he was rebounding. The strange
thing was that the lower rates worked for one night, and then the next night
he went high again. My doctor said you can't read anything into one night
(which I know is true - but it is hard to ignore), and she thinks he isn't
getting enough insulin, so she had me raise his rates again.

I tried increasing his basals two nights ago. The first night of the higher
basals he had a site go bad and hit 480 2 hours after dinner. I removed the
site (which was bent 90 degrees, so I know it was the problem) and gave a
correction. That night he went low and had to be "juiced" three times (at
1am, 4am, and 6am). I figured part of the problem could've been too large of
a correction. So just lowered the basal a tiny bit between 2am and 4am. Last
night he was high all night, and didn't respond to corrections.

I'm working with my doctor on this also - she wants me to wait five days
before changing his rates so we can see a pattern, which I need to balance
with my fear of lows/rebounds. I'd love to hear if anyone out there has
experienced something similar.

Mom to Celia (7 and nondiabetic),
and Ryan (4, dx'd 2/09/00 and pumping since 8/17/00)
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