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Re: [IP] Need information for Teachers

Personally, I would go ahead and give it to them so they get a chance to 
look at it then if they have questions you can answer them. And whatever you 
do don't let them think or even question whether you have it under control 
or not!!
almost 19/dx'd. 6 mths pumping 3 weeks

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>Subject: [IP] Need information for Teachers
>Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 21:59:22 EDT
>Hello, I posted a few months ago about going to Germany with my school.  We
>have just finish the first part of the exchange in which the students from
>Germany came ere for 2 weeks.  My exchange student was very good about me
>having diabetes, and also knew about it.  I won't be staying with my 
>student when I go in June because of some problems.
>        Anyway, we are going to have a little meeting about diabetes on May
>22, with my Mom and the teachers who are also going on the trip.  What 
>I tell them about the diabetes? Without getting them scared.  I am planning
>on making up a packet about diabetes and my doses and what I do to treat 
>and highs etc.  Should I give the packet to them before the meeting so they
>can look at it, and come with any questions?  Thanks, sorry if this is 
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