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[IP] Cart dump was: HOw many g of CHO in a g of Glucose?

At 12:53 5/7/01, you wrote:
> > A quickie QUE:
> >
> > How many g of CHO in a g of Glucose?  not in any books I have.
> >
> > FYI:  I am trying to find a way to orally offset a 300 unit cart
> > dump in case the newly inseptected H-Tron I have does one in the H20
> > later this month.  I added up the number of glucotabs at 3g CHO each
> > and it's 72 packages!!!  Guess those won't work.
> >
> > BTW: Are there any tabs on the mkt that have more than 3g CHo per
> > tab?

How could 300 units be injected into someone?  Was this a programming 
error, pump defect?
Do many people have these incidents?

I am 2 days on the pump now and am now wondering about safety after reading 

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