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RE: [IP] Bolus absorption

May be your basal rates are too high. You are dropping because the basals
are doing what a bolus should do. This is why your BG are still dropping 5
hours after bolus when (bolus) Humalog is not present any more. So, the
basals (which I suspect are too high) slowly reduce the BG. If you try
adjusting basals and treat the food consumption by bolus increase it may
improve your control - just my thoughts. Consult your doctor... 


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Subject: [IP] Bolus absorption

I have a few questions I am unable to find any answers to.  When I take a
meal bolus or a correction bolus, it takes me 4 or 5 hours for my bolus to
have my blood sugars lowered and evened.  Right now, it is more than 5 hours
since my last meal and correction bollus(taken together), and my blood sugar
is still continuing to drop.  My first food and bolus of the day was at 1:45
pm.  and my blood sugar was 284(still adjusting basals).  At 3:48 my blood
sugar was 247.  At 4:45, 3 hours later, my blood sugar was 175.  At 5:45, 4
hours later, my blood sugar was 160, and at 6:45, 5 hours later my sugar was
130 and dropping.  I ate a meal with a bolus at that time.  This is not the
first time it has taken 4+ hours for my blood sugars to level.  I've only
been pumping 6 days and this has been the trend.  Any suggestions? I'm only
on one basal rate which is 1.3, and am on a 1:5 carb to insulin ratio.
Also,    last night I had some food and a meal bolus at 10:00p.m.  3 hours
later, at 1:00a.m., my blood sugar was 204.  I went to sleep late at
4:00a.m.  with a blood sugar of 169.  I woke up at 4:30 and my blood sugar
was 172.  I woke up and hour later at 5:30 to check and it was 152.  I
started feeling weird and checked it again 15 minutes later at 5:45am, and
it was 107.  My right arm got tense and felt as if it was freezing on the
inside. It was very cold.  I ate a spoonful or peanut butter to be sure I
would be ok, and my blood sugar was 204 an hour later at 6:45.  I slept in
pretty late and rechecked at 11am. and my sugar was 320.  I fell asleep
without a correction bolus and when I woke up at 1:30 it was 284, which is
where I was when i stated the blood sugar at the beginning of this post.
Does anyone have any ideas what is going on? I'm afraid to go to sleep and
am checking my blood sugar like crazy.  I am used to blood sugars from
200-550 from insulin injections.  I am on the minimed508 using sofsets and
am clueless.  My pump trainer says my blood sugars should be stable at 2
hours after a bolus, but if I did a correction then, I would crash later.
Feel free to email me or reply to this post in the list. Thank you very
much. I should also add, there has been no exercise involved since I started
the pump.  I'm usually in the IP Chatroom since I do school from home, so
you can always catch me there. Thanks in advance.
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