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Re: [IP] MRI question?

At 10:50 PM 5/7/01, you wrote:
>I didn't think i'd be having one any time soon but turns out i  need one on
>my arm.
>Now am i remembering right, don't even take the pump in the room where the
>test is done but i can leave my site in and reconnect afterwards??
>Since it's on my arm they won't ever see the site, should i even mention it
>to them?


Don't take the pump into the room where the MRI is.  you can leave the site 
only if the site contains no metal.  so if you have an old type of set that 
you have to leave the needle in then I would take the site out.   They 
should have you feel out a form for the MRI one of the questions on most 
forms for MRIs asks if you have an insulin pump.  I have gone into many 
MRIs and have just taken the pump off and no harm has been done.

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