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Re: [IP] insulin resistance and exercise.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Another really good way for many people to become more insulin sensitive is,
> of course, losing weight.  Natalie talks about still being diabetic even
> after losing weight, but I wonder how easy to control her diabetes would be
> now if she hadn't lost it.  Very slight changes in weight can make a
> significant difference in my insulin needs (and I'm talking about changes
> that stay within low normal weight ranges).

That's a good question, Linda! All I know is that my diabetes is harder
to control now, at 138 lb. than it was at 169 lb. 7 years ago. So, as
far as I can tell, I'm experiencing deterioration of my beta cells, and
can expect that to continue, regardless of weight. 

When I was on shots, I used 45 units a day; at the moment, I'm using
between 20 and 30 units a day most days. The diminution of insulin doses
coincided with going on the pump, so I'm not sure what effect weight
would have. 

But I CAN say that I'm NOT going to regain the weight just to find
out!!!!  :)

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