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Re: [IP] What next??? Help!!

> Ok Matt re-broke his arm last week, had strep throat on top of it,
> and now he has his FIRST site infection, in the 19 mos of pumping.
> The site is a big lump, welt like, is hard, and had a tiny "head",
> but when touched, it oozed......ewe, don't mean to be groce. What do
> i do about this????  I can handle the broken arm, did that six
> months ago, and the strep is long gone, thanks to Zithromax, but
> what to do about this site? And the new site has welted after less
> than 24hrs!!!  What could be going on?

Site infections can get bad and spread very quickly. See a doc asap 
if it's improving. Lily's doc told her to soak twice a day with a HOT 
compress. The few times she has had minor infections, this has 
resulted in immediated improvement and complete healing within a 
couple of days.