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[IP] BabyZilla Update

Well, I'm still around. I hit 36 weeks yesterday.  I have an ultrasound scheduled
Friday morning to see how big BabyZilla is so we can decide just how early to schedule
my c-section, or if we absolutely want to do a c.
I'm looking forward to knowing something!  There are 3 ob's in the office I go to, and
I feel like each one has told me something slightly different. I was under the
impression they would let me have the baby around 37 or 38 weeks.  Then the other day
the doc said that he would not be absolutely sure the baby's lungs were completely
mature until 39 weeks and that we wouldn't go earlier than that unless we had to.  Of
course I don't want to jeopardize the baby at all, but I'm ready for this to be
over!!!  I am so uncomfortable now.  My feet and ankles hurt all the time.  I can't
even bend my ankles or toes because the skin on the top of my feet is pulled so
tight.  I have to wear houseshoes because no pair of shoes I've found yet will allow
my foot to slide in. My back hurts and when I sleep at night, and I have to constantly
change positions because my hips start to ache. I make it sound so fun, don't I??? :)
Anyway, hopfully this will be over soon and I will have the baby here.
My dog got hit by a car yesterday and is having surgery to repair her little hip and
ankle today.  So the three of us will get to lay home a little and recover together.
If I can just make it a little longer...

Sherry C