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[IP] Quick-set Review: some good, some not so good

I recently tried using the new Quick-set infusion sets and have a few
comments about my experience with them.  I have been pumping with a MiniMed
507C since September, 1999 and have mostly used Silhouettes.

At first glance, the Quick-sets have some real positives about them.  There
is no pig-tail left after disconnection at the infusion site (like with the
Sof-set) and the sets are self adhesive.  Additional layers of tape should
generally not be required. The inserter for the sets (Quick-serter) is small
and easy to load and operate.  But my first impression of the Quick-set was
that the connector part that connects the tubing to the cannula hub on the
skin is a bit flimsy.  It is round with a hole in the middle like a donut
and to connect, you fit the "donut hole" over the raised center part of the
cannula hub on the skin, lining up two blue triangles.  You then twist the
connector part to complete the connection, lining up the blue triangle with
a blue line on the cannula hub.  But there is not much of a "click" or other
positive indication that the set is properly connected (unlike the
Silhouette and Sof-set).  This is very important, as I found with the third
set I used.  My blood sugar was higher than normal and even though I bolused
with extra insulin and didn't eat anything, my blood sugar continued to
rise.  When I checked the infusion set, I found that the connector part had
twisted away from the blue line on the cannula hub and I was no longer
receiving insulin.  Either I did not twist the connector part far enough to
make positive connection or the connection had failed.  I twisted the
connector part to make the connection again, bolused and my blood sugars
came down.

I also had a problem with the connector part on the second set I used.  I
disconnected to take a shower and when I was finished, I tried to reconnect.
But the "donut hole" on the connector part would not fit over the cannula
hub on my skin.  I tried everything to no avail, something was evidently
broken.  I had to replace the set.  I examined the set I removed but could
not determine what caused the problem.  In addition, I found the sets to be
a bit thick.  I found the Quick-set uncomfortable to lie on when I put one
into my rear. The Silhouette has never given me this problem.

I also had difficulty keeping my blood sugar under control when on the
Quick-sets.  I don't know the reason for this, perhaps it was the shorter
cannula (6 mm) on the sets I used or maybe my body needed longer to adapt to
them.  But over the time I used the Quick-sets, I found it more difficult to
keep my blood sugar down and I wound up using 10 to 20% more insulin than I
did when using Silhouettes.  My blood sugar was over 300 a half dozen times
while using the Quick-sets and this rarely happens to me.  Because there are
so many variables that go into determining what your blood sugar is, it may
be that the Quick-sets were not the cause of my higher blood sugar, but I
think that they had something to do with it.

While I have gone back to using the Silhouettes, there certainly are some
good features about the Quick-sets and I encourage everyone to try them.
Although my experience with them was not very positive, as always, YMMV.
Your experience with them may very well vary from mine, so I would suggest
trying them to see how you like them, especially if you are currently using
the Sof-sets.  Just be cautious about making sure that when connecting, that
the connector part is fully twisted and locked into place on the cannula

San Francisco Bay Area
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