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Re: [IP] Freedom???

> My question to you is regarding the equipment that you are required
> to have with you at all times on the pump.
> I will have to bring
> prep, tape, meter, pump and extra infusion sets with me EVERYWHERE I
> go, in case of an occlusion alarm. Am I right??

Wrong :-)

The only spare stuff you need as long as you are not traveling is a 
standard insulin syringe. You can withdraw insulin from the pump with 
the syringe by removing the infusion line from the the pump. Make 
sure and disconnect the set from YOU first so you don't get a gravity 
bolus from moving the infusion line around.

In the event you "run out of insulin" in the pump, you can disconnect 
temporarily and fill the the pump syringe with air, reconnect and 
prime "just a little", then the pump will use the air to push the 20 
units or so of insulin that remains in the infusion line. 20 units 
for basal only will last most people half the day -- so there is 
plenty of time to deal with your forgetfulness. Does this work, yes! 
My daughter, bless her heart, has actually done this at school when 
she has zipped off in the morning and forgetten to change her set and 
fill up with a fresh cartridge. Only once..... she told me about it 
later and said that it worked fine for her. I think she was about 15 

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