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Re: [IP] insulin and the beach

> Michael,
> I'm curious as to why/how the temperature of the water affects the
> insulin you may or may not need. Maybe I missed something, since I
> get the digest version.
> Michelle

Water is thermally very conductive and litterally "sucks" energy out 
of your body. In colder water you will burn more carbs and need less 
insulin over the long run. Lily will use very little if any basal 
insulin when she goes to the beach at Tahoe and swims and plays. 
In Hawaii, she needs insulin (water is about 80 there vs maybe 
50-60 or so at tahoe). When she was on swim team she had to consume 
10 - 15 grams of carb of insulin per hour during a workout to keep 
from going low with her pump off. She is a waterdog and were talking 
about a major amount of time swimming.
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