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[IP] Discovery: Doing stupid things causes major problems

Last night (around 4:30 AM) I had my yearly visit from the local emergency
squad (who probably saved my life)

I put in my second quick set last night before dinner (and I really like the
inserter...much easier, faster and more areas to hit than doing by hand) but
didn't put the syringe into the pump prior to installing the set into the

So I took old set out and put the syringe into the pump.  In a fit of genius
I took about 10 or 20 units of insulin because I had to press the plunger to
fit in the syringe (I had too much insulin in syringe to fit into the
'small' setting which only allows about 160 units..I always use this setting
but I had put too much in when I loaded the thing to start with).

Of course I was eating right away so I figured I'd just eat dinner to cover
the shot.  WRONGO!!

Never had humalog take so long to react though (I did the change around 7:30
at night...Figured that if I would bottom out I'd know by 10 and could eat
to cover).

Oh well: 

So my lesson for today is: follow directions

My second lesson: get the name of the person who treats you so you can thank
him in the morning (I'm going to really feel dumb when I call hatzola (the
local emergency service) and ask for his name and number later).

Yerachmiel who didn't feel anything from the glucagon they gave him and who
has to order a few boxes of it today (my boxes were VERY out of date)
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