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[IP] Re: Freedom?

Wombn wrote:
>>>Of course, if my car breaks down and I have to stay in hotel somewhere....
well, hopefully, they have an all night pharmacy somewhere where i can buy
Regular and syringes w/o a prescription.  So that could be one potential
hazard that I should
pay attention to if there's any chance that there won't be a pharmacy.  Even
so, if push comes to shove, AAA will tow my car all the way home.  :-)>>>

I learned from Michael to carry a syringe with me and if I run out of insulin
(stupidity rules - my fault  <gr>) I can draw the insulin from the
reservoir/tubing and inject. There's 20u in the luer lock and 20u in the
tubing - I use about 30u a day therefore I would have more than a day's worth.
I use Sof-Sets non-QR.

Allstate's motor plan has a ceiling amount for towing then we're stuck with
the rest. Would AAA really tow your car all the way home w/o any charge to
you? (~_^)

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