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Re: [IP] Freedom???

<< > My question to you is regarding the equipment that you are required to 
 > with you at all times on the pump. I am on MDI now, 4 shots per day, but 
if I 
 > am going out and its not going to be during meal time, I only have to take 
 > glucose tabs and sometimes my meter. If it is for a meal I bring my pen. 
 > it appears that with the pump, even though I am supposed to have more 
 > freedom, I will have to bring prep, tape, meter, pump and extra infusion 
 > with me EVERYWHERE I go, in case of an occlusion alarm. Am I right?? Am I 
 > missing something??   >>

Unless I'm going out of town overnight, the only thing extra I carry with me 
is a syringe. And I generally just have one in the console of my car. I can 
get insulin out of the reservoir in my pump. Even if the pump "runs out" of 
insulin, there is still 20-30 units left in the tubing and luer neck. Just 
suck it back into the reservoir and draw it up from there. Another thing I do 
(when I think about it) is that, if I have a little bit of insulin in the 
bottom of a vial after I fill the last reservoir out of that vial is toss it 
into the little carrying case with my "goodies."

Jan and Elvis
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