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Re: [IP] Freedom???

> My question to you is regarding the equipment that you are required to have 
> with you at all times on the pump. I am on MDI now, 4 shots per day, but if I 
> am going out and its not going to be during meal time, I only have to take 
> glucose tabs and sometimes my meter. If it is for a meal I bring my pen. But 
> it appears that with the pump, even though I am supposed to have more 
> freedom, I will have to bring prep, tape, meter, pump and extra infusion sets 
> with me EVERYWHERE I go, in case of an occlusion alarm. Am I right?? Am I 
> missing something??  

I don't know what the "official" recommendations are.  But the rule I 
use is: if I'm not going to be more than, say, a 2 hour drive away 
from home, I *don't* carry all that stuff with me.  Humalog will last 2-
4 hours in my system, so as long as I don't add more carbs to my 
mouth, I figure, I can make it home in plenty of time to avoid DKA.

Of course, if my car breaks down and I have to stay in hotel 
somewhere....  well, hopefully, they have an all night pharmacy 
somewhere where i can buy Regular and syringes w/o a 
prescription.  So that could be one potential hazard that I should 
pay attention to if there's any chance that there won't be a 
pharmacy.  Even so, if push comes to shove, AAA will tow my car 
all the way home.  :-)

Otherwise, I'm rarely that far away from home.  So I only bring my 
meter and glucose tablets with me.

On one occasion since going on the pump, I intended to spend the 
night away, so I took everything.  2 infusion sets & reservoirs, my 
insulin vial, two syringes (in case the pump fails), and 2-3 IV Prep 

The only real *additional* annoyance is the size of the two infusion 
sets & reservoirs.  The rest is small stuff (syringes and vial) that I'd 
take along anyway.

p.s.  I quit my desk job about 2 months before they put me on 
insulin, so I have no experience with working a desk job while on 
insulin.  A desk job may have other issues.
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