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Re: [IP] Thanks to all re "Thinking about pump"

On 2 May 2001, at 0:33, Brenda Moore wrote:

> I just want to say thanks to everyone who answered my message "Thinking 
> about a Pump".  Everyone's response was very encouraging and along with the 
> encouragement from my doctor I have decided to switch to a pump. Now I can't 
> wait! Thanks again everyone.  Brenda Moore

yup yup :-D  I know how that is!

I hemmed and hawed and shuddered every time someone 
mentioned a pump.  THen one day, someone told me about the 
SofSet's Sofserter and suddenly.......  hmmmm  

That following weekend, on my brother's sailboat in the San 
Francisco Bay, while watching the Blue Angels (Fleet Week), I had 
to go below to shoot up for lunch.  Going below is always dicey for 
me (*urp*), but it was too choppy up to feel safe drawing up my 
insulin up above.  And space up above is at a premium on their 
boat.  Most of the space is down below.  

But then, I'd injected and had to eat.  Hard to eat when you're 
seasick!  I suddenly realized.... if I had a pump... beep beep beep 
and "injection" would already be done.

That's when I was finally really "sold" on it.
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