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Re: [IP] Freedom???

I will have to bring prep, tape, meter, pump and extra infusion sets 
with me EVERYWHERE I go, in case of an occlusion alarm. Am I right?? Am I 
missing something??  I would love to hear from anyone who lives with the pump 
to let me know what I should expect or if I'm way off base.
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I personally don't carry a pocketbook or regularly have a briefcase 
at work etc... Strategies that I have used:
I keep a full extra set(prep, tape and infusion set) at work and in 
my gym bag. I also have extra set in each of our cars. I found that 
the material pencil cases that fit in 3 ring binders hold everything 
perfectly. If I know that I won't be close for long periods to any of 
these I have a fanny pack that's ready to go. I sometimes go into 
secure facilities that I have permission to bring this into. In the 
fanny pack I also have a meter and insulin supplies.
I use my meter case like a wallet and keep an insulin pen and 
insulin for my pump in that as well. So far I have never been in a 
spot where I didn't have what I needed when I needed it. Making my 
meter case double as a wallet has helped ensure this. 
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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