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[IP] Re: misinformation

Concerning the article about Gary Hall and the misinformation:
Natalie Sera wrote:
>>>Please remember that Type 2 comprises the VAST majority of diabetics, and
the public can't be expected to know the difference. When the "misinformation"
makes you mad, try to sit back and remember that when they use the word
"diabetes", they're usually talking about Type 2, although many articles DO
include at least a paragraph explaining the difference. >>>

Gary Hall himself states the following, snipped from the link Joceylin sent:
http://www.jdf.org/kids/cfk/rolemodels/2000/garyhalljr.html "I thought
diabetes was a disease that happened to older people who had neglected their
health over the years. I didn't have a good understanding. I didn't understand
why it had happened to me. I had spent my whole life exercising and eating
right. I didn't abuse myself." Hopefully, he is taking this opportunity to
differentiate the Types dispelling his own personal, former myth.

Ginny wrote:
>>>It is great there is someone educating children about healthy living-Just
maybe it will help some of them to avoid Type 2. >>>

My point is - The article said Gary has Type II diabetes. Wrong. He is a Type
1. For we who know the difference in the types, and when an article is sent
out as written, it is misinformation. As Gary stated in the snippet I included
here, he took good care of himself and ate right - DM anyway and the article
says "he's on a nationwide "mission" to alert young people to the growing risk
of getting juvenile diabetes." NOTE - that said *juvenile diabetes* - not,
juveniles who get Type 2 diabetes. More: "Hall was diagnosed with Type II
diabetes two years ago, while in the midst of training for the big games."
This says he's alerting about juvenile diabetes.

"The 26-year-old athlete, a native of Phoenix, is now making the rounds of
schools around the country, warning young people that they better stay in
shape and watch their diet or they may also find themselves having to check
their sugar all the time." Is another snip from the article - HE did take care
of himself and eat right but got DM anyway. This article says nothing of the
different types of DM. Why would the kids listen to him? How can they apply
his information since it clearly didnt work for him?

This isn't making me *mad* causing me to sit back and repeat a mantra - but it
is disturbing that MORE misinformation is going out to a public who already
has preconceived notions about our disease(s). YMMV (~_^)

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