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[IP] Parents of Pumpers in the US

I received this from the ADA today. It is a worthwhile survey that 
all parents should return to the ADA to help our kids get a decent 
education without restrictions on their activities due to diabetes

- ------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From:          "News" <email @ redacted>
Subject:       ADA Advocacy E-News! 05/01/2001
Date:          Tue, 1 May 2001 12:56:04 -0400

Dear ADA Advocate:

This week, we are looking for information from you about children with
diabetes who you know who are currently in school or are recent high
school graduates. Parents and others who know school age children with
diabetes, please read the following information and respond to our
poll at the end of the message. Do not hit "Reply" to this message.
Instead, forward your answers to email @ redacted or fax them
to 703-549-8748.

Our Legal Advocacy division often receives calls from parents of
children with type 1 diabetes from around the country who are
struggling to make sure that their children's medical and educational
needs are being met at school. Their problems range from school
personnel failing to appropriately respond to severe hypoglycemia, to
children who are told they can't go on field trips or participate in
sports, to parents who are bluntly told that their children simply are
not welcome at that school. 

The ADA works to end discrimination against children with diabetes
through a number of means including education, negotiation, helping
parents who must take legal action and working to pass state laws that
direct what schools must do for children with diabetes. 

Our philosophy is to begin by educating schools about diabetes. Many
schools are merely ignorant of the disease and the simple
accommodations necessary for children with diabetes at school. To
begin to rectify this, we proposed to the National Institutes of
Health (NIH) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
that we jointly bring federal agencies and voluntary organizations
together to develop a set of materials for schools.  As a result, the
National Diabetes Education Program has set up a task force to study
the problem and develop the necessary materials.  We feel that such
materials will be extremely useful in persuading individual schools,
school districts and state school boards to accommodate children with

One of the first steps to develop these materials is to gather as much
information as possible about the issues facing students with diabetes
today. Please answer the following 17 short questions and send them
back to us at email @ redacted or fax to 703-549-8748. Please
submit your answers by May 14th, 2001. 

Your name (optional):

Child's name (optional):

Your relationship with child (parent, guardian, friend, etc.): 

Name of school (optional):

Is the school public or private?



Age and grade of child: 

School's position on snacking in the classroom:
Does not allow

School's position on blood glucose testing in the classroom:
Does not allow

School's position on unrestricted access to bathrooms and water:
Does not allow

School's position on administering glucagon injections:
Administered by school nurse/medical personnel
Administered by any staff member
Does not allow

School's position on administering insulin at school:
Administered by school nurse/medical personnel
Administered by any staff member
Student can self-administer
Does not allow

Provision of diabetes care during sports participation:
Does not provide

Provision of diabetes care during field trips and extracurricular
activities: Provides Does not provide Other

Has the child ever been disciplined by the school for doing diabetes
self-care (testing own blood glucose levels, administering own
insulin, etc) or denied the opportunity to provide self-care in
school? Yes. Explain: No.

Any other information you would like to provide:

Thank you. Your responses will help our efforts tremendously.

Michael Mawby
Vice President, Government Relations & Advocacy						

Carlea Bauman
Director, Advocacy


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