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Re: [IP] Pump and the beach

> Robert, 
>     Although I have not pumped very long now.... 9 days to be
>     exact..... I 
> have talked to a couple of people who had very good suggestions. 
> They said that it's important to remember to put the end cap on the
> infusion site when you aren't connected. That is so no salt water or
> sand can get in. 

The cover on Sils/Tenders is cosmetic only. The site is actually 
protected by the silicon rubber insert that the needle of the 
matching part pierces. It is really a dust cover and does not do 
anything in water except capture sand in it mechanisms.

> Also, while sitting on the beach, IF it is
> extremely hot out, you may either want to put your pump in a towel
> to avoid a lot of sun exposure or if you can, put it in a cooler
> while you are sitting there.  

Excellent idea -- keeps the insulin from getting fried.

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