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Re: [IP] How's this for misinformation??????

The first 'quote' from the article sited earlier was about sitting in front of
the TV computer whatever and not getting exercise could bring on JUVENILE
diabetes...many folks take the "juvenile" part to mean IDDM. I don't believe
the reported differentiated any of the 'diabeasties' forms or types.

  I have heard on the news that more and more children are getting Type 2
  diabetes because more children are becoming overweight, little exercise and
  poor diet.
  it doesn't seem to me this is wrong information. Not every child diagnosed
  with diabetes is Type 1.
  It is great there  is someone educating children about healthy living-Just
  maybe it will help some of them to avoid Type 2.
  I have seen too many people i care about suffer horribly and/or die from
  complications of Type 2 diabetes.

  ---True. that's why accuracy is key in making broad statements.

  Jenny Sutherland
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