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[IP] Pump Use--Less FEARS in kids??

Hi all:  I was chatting with a friend whose son is 4 and is not pumping.  He
has some pretty bad fears at this point, almost irrational. Dogs, noises etc.
seem to send him in a panic sometimes and his bg's are all over the place.  I
know what he means, as before pumping our 4 (now 5 year old) year old had the
exact fears and he too was quite irrational about them.

What I am wondering is if anyone has noticed a decrease in FEARS or anxiety in
their kids since pumping.  I hadn't thought about it until he asked, but since
pumping, our son is no longer waking at night, screaming (from highs) from
night terrors, no longer has a fear of the timeclock buzzer at basketball
games, has lost his fear of dogs...

What do YOU think????

(son 5, pumping 9 months)
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