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I think I need to say that I'm bothered by the reactions of people who
automatically get furious when the media reports on the growing
incidence of Type 2 diabetes in younger age groups. 

Type 2 diabetes is a MAJOR health threat, and I think the media is
correct in emphasizing that children should be educated and encouraged
to pursue a healthy pattern of eating and exercise. This kind of advice
is ALSO good for children with Type 1. 

Please remember that Type 2 comprises the VAST majority of diabetics,
and the public can't be expected to know the difference. When the
"misinformation" makes you mad, try to sit back and remember that when
they use the word "diabetes", they're usually talking about Type 2,
although many articles DO include at least a paragraph explaining the

I'm in favor of doing whatever we can to spare ANYONE the problems of
diabetes, regardless of age or type. Yes, I feel very alone and isolated
with MY type, but that doesn't prevent me from feeling empathy with both
Type 1's AND Type 2's, and wanting prevention and/or cure for BOTH.  
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