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[IP] Fluke or fabulous discovery? You be the judge

Greetings pumpers,

Yesterday I was getting ready to change Lauren's site. Had filled the
reservoir and was at the point where you knock the bubbles out. There were
quite a few bubbles (big and little) in this one. Just then, she realized
she was going to miss the bus, so I decided to wait until after school to
change the site. Well, I left the reservoir sitting there all day and guess
what? When I went back to it six hours later there were no bubbles! It was
perfect! Was this just a fluke, or could filling it and leaving it for hours
(say fill it at bedtime, change site in morning) mean I would no longer have
to battle the bubbles? Anyone had this experience? Or you do all know this
and I was just in the dark? Thanks for your input!

Thursday is a1c day. I will report back! Trying not to expect too, too much
of a change but in the 6's would be really nice . . . . .


Mom of Lauren,
Pump Princess of Plymouth
Pumping with Cee-cee MM 508 since January
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