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Re: [IP] How's this for misinformation??????

In a message dated 4/30/01 11:01:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
 email @ redacted writes:
 > . He adds, though, that watching TV too
 > much, eating too much, using computers too much and not exercising
 > often lead to diabetes.

It finally dawned on me that there is a simple mental exercise you can
use to keep such statements from bothering you. 

Repeat like a mantra: "Unless they SPECIFICALLY mention Type 1, they're
talking about classic Type 2." Which doesn't apply to you. 

If your friends mention anything they heard on the media to you, repeat
like a mantra: "But I don't have that disease." Leave it at that -- they
will either say "oh." and drop it, or they'll say "What?" and give you
the opportunity for another mantra: "I have Type 1, not Type 2". Then
either they shut up, or they ask questions -- you can take it as far as
they and you want to.  

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