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Re: [IP] in-office HbA1c machines

JHughey <email @ redacted> wrote:

> > My doctor said that the in-office machine
> > is sometimes not well calibrated, and that we should rely on the lab
> > results.
> Hmmmm - makes you wonder why the in-office machine is used. My endo charges
> ONLY $30 for a test on his machine. <gr> Then, Angie had to turn around and
> have it done at the lab, too. Couldn't the in-office test be by-passed?

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We're now very close to what I do for a living.

Unless the physician's office is very well staffed, the office equipment is almost certainly one that falls in the waived category of laboratory tests under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA 88), and, as such, has the same accuracy and precision requirements of our personal blood glucose meters - that is the results must be within 5% of a standard (i.e. the most stringent lab test -- IIRC it's a multicolor gas chromatography unit) 50% of the time.  Informally, that works out to +/- 20%.  Further, the directions must be written so as to be understood and followed by someone with a seventh grade education and no further training.  IOW, the office HbA1c tests are probably OK for screening, but for good reliability, the lab test is required.  As you point out, the office test runs about $30 per test whereas the lab test can be as much as $150 per test.

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Jim Handsfield
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