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Re: [IP] Mixing Lispro/Small Amounts of Velosulin to Save Infust

> Are there any studies/written information on mixing
> Lispro and Velosulin to prevent site deterioration. I
> did a search on insulin-pumpers.org, but didn't find
> one. 
Nope. Almost all the evidence that it works comes from this mail 
list and is only ancedotal (lots of ancedotes).

> My next endo appointment is on Friday and I would like
> to request a prescription for both Lispro and
> Velosulin. 

Velosulin does not require a prescription in the USA, it can be 
purchased over the counter. The insurance co. may require one for 

> I have brought this up at my last
> appointment and the idea didn't go over to well ("We
> haven't heard of this in our whole 45 years of
> practice" Duh! Lispro received FDA approval in 1996) 

You might ask him that since it is your body, if it works would it be 
OK with him??  (also duhh.....)

> All I know, after 4-5 months of my Tender Sets failing
> at the 1 to 2 1/2 day point, I started using a mixture
> of 5 part Lispro and 1 part Velosulin. The sets are
> now lasting three days. 

Wanna try for 4 days??  Change twice a week on a regular schedule 
like my daughter.???

> Of course the endo will say,
> this is antidotal information and not scientifically
> tested, therefore, a cause for concern. 
Gee, that is how almost everything in the world of medicine is 
discovered. Someone has a wild idea or notices some "side effect" 
that might have a useful application elsewhere. For example, many 
years ago, someone noticed that the mold on bread for some reason 
killed off bacteria on agar gel -- voila -- penicillin was 
discovered!!  Wouldn't want to shoot moldy bread into your body would 

Not a cause for concern, but a GOOD reason to seek further 
information for the benefit of others who may have the same problem. 
Sort of depends on whether you glass is half full or half empty !

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