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Re: [IP] RE: Vision: New Therapies Studied (but I question retinopathy description)

I don't know the answers to your questions. I do want to share that a
specialist at the University of Iowa doesn;t believe laser surgery isn't
always the fix all but in many cases it can do more harm. My mom went
through a couple of lazer surgeries due to diabetic retinopathy and they
didn't help. My dad read the specialist's article (oe from Iowa) so mom has
been going out there and no lazer and her vision is clearing up and doing
good. In fact if she had the laser she would have gone blind. I am thankful
there are researchers out there studying these things.  Because of my mom's
expereicnes I have been learning alot about laser and it isn't always the
best choice of treatement.
I'll ask my dad his name ( I can't remember it-brain fog)  because this Dr.
does have info on the web.
Ginny who just want to share.

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