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[IP] cells for sale WAS islet cells for who?

Jack wrote
>  I have often wondered who would have priority when there
>  was a 'cure' (of any type as there are other possibilities
>  besides islets):

eeek...kinda reminds me of those Holocaust days I have read about.  Which 
diabetics got the precious drops of insulin?  the ones who needed alot or the 
ones who only needed a little?  The moral question...Was it better to 
withhold it from the few who needed alot and just let them die off, in order 
to allow the larger amount of others to live longer, or was it better to give 
everyone what they needed til they ran out and then everyone had none?

Personally, you can take me OFF a list for any kind of transplant, unless I 
also happen to need a kidney.  Even with my complications, I am not ready to 
trade simple bg tests and pumping for lifelong rejection/failure/relapse 
worries, the accompanying drugs, major surgery....I already know how to deal 
with this...the complications, how to treat highs and lows, how to CONTROL 
this disease and enjoy my life...I don't think I want to trade it for an 

If I can't merely get a vaccine and be done with this sucker, and I mean 
GONE...then I don't wanna be nickled and dimed.  Cure me or leave me as I 
am..  In addition to a CURE, they also need to find out how to reverse or 
STOP retinopathy, gastroparesis, neuropathy, nephropathy..etc.etc.

>  the cure is perfect, available, insurance won't cover and
>  we would need $100,000 up front and $1,000/month for the
>  immunosuppresent?

I don't look at that as a cure!!  I don't know if I would want to ASK my 
insruance for the upfront and monthly costs involved in this idea of a "cure"

>  I'm afraid that I will be far down the list, being 51 in
>  good control (HbA1C 6.2), and even though  I have many of
>  the complications, I am not in danger of dying immediately.

dammit me too!!!  (but age 36, a1c 7.2)

>  I will believe in a cure when I trash my pump. testers and
>  supplies.

and I will add "and not have to take any alternative drugs"

>  The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are
>  constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.

LOVE this...words to live by...or die by, if you get in the way of a speeding 
car driven by a hypoglycemic diabetic eho forgot to test before they drove...

I just wish they would STOP throwing us these gristle covered bones!!!  This 
is not new!!  Islet studies have been going on for YEARS...why don't they 
concentrate on CURING DM instead of putting bandaids on this gusher!!!  

ahhh i feel better.

(Just plain Sara smartie pants who is seeing very well thank you Dr. Fisher)
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