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[IP] Air Bubbles

Natalie wrote:
>  I'm not so sure pre-filled cartridges won't have air bubbles as well.
>  Reason is that pen cartridges often have rather large bubbles in them.

My humalog cartridges don't have any air bubbles in them and when i used a 
novo pen, those cartridges never had air bubbles either.  It was only if I 
injected air into the cartridge that bubbles would form (something related to 
physics I think).  Nowadays, I use those pen size cartridges of Humalog when 
I want to do a mix.  Just stick the reservoir needle in there and pull the 
plunger back.  You can't ADD air to these vials or you will push the end 
stopper out..trust me - Humalog STINKS!  Yes, it is HARDER to pull hte 
plunger back, and the insulin kinda drips in, instead of gushing in...the 
little end stopper of the vial moves down better if you push on it with the 
white brush that comes in the battery packs - I also use this brush to clean 
the lint out of my belly bu....er..i mean out of my pump...but still NO air 
goes INTO the cartridge.  

Then I put the needle into the bottle of  Velosulin (which is plain old 
Regular insulin with a buffering agent developed back in the days when pumps 
NEEDED a specially buffered insulin - look it up if you don't know what it 
is...).  I turn the bottle over and pull back on the plunger.  More than 
likely before this whole procedure began, I shot in about 100 units of air 
into the R bottle before I moved to the Humalog vial step...

So when i put my partially filled H reservoir into the V bottle. I make sure 
the V bottle is upside down...i put the needle in, INTO insulin - NOT 
AIR...draw in insulin only...No air gets drawn into the reservoir...physics 
at work again.

Am I just lucky or do I just not care enough to worry this much about 
bubbles?  If I do get one in the reservoir, a few good smacks with a 
fingernail will take care of it.  If I find one in the tubing, I will watch 
it and as it gets closer to the eend, I will just un-connect and bolus it 
out...no big deal!  Am I missing something that I should be stressing about?

NYC Sara no ducks
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