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[IP] Mixing Lispro/Small Amounts of Velosulin to Save Infustion Sites

Are there any studies/written information on mixing
Lispro and Velosulin to prevent site deterioration. I
did a search on insulin-pumpers.org, but didn't find

My next endo appointment is on Friday and I would like
to request a prescription for both Lispro and
Velosulin. I have brought this up at my last
appointment and the idea didn't go over to well ("We
haven't heard of this in our whole 45 years of
practice" Duh! Lispro received FDA approval in 1996) 

All I know, after 4-5 months of my Tender Sets failing
at the 1 to 2 1/2 day point, I started using a mixture
of 5 part Lispro and 1 part Velosulin. The sets are
now lasting three days. Of course the endo will say,
this is antidotal information and not scientifically
tested, therefore, a cause for concern. 

Perhaps one of the pump companies has done some
research on this subject? Does anyone know of major
diabetes clinics USA using this practice? 

Any information or you could provide would be greatly

Andrea Seitz

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