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[IP] Re: male diabetic reproductive question-follow up

Many of you may remember that back on about the 17th of this month I
posted some questions about a possible male reproductive problem related
to diabetes. I have received some replies, and have decided that due to
the subject, there may be people interested in hearing the results, but
unwilling to ask. So the following is a summary of what I learned. If
you don't want to know, or may be offended by honest talk about sex,
please do not read it! I have more information than what I am posting
here, so if anyone has more questions please feel free to ask.

It appears that what my relative was referring to is called retrograde
ejaculation (RE). While most of us know of other sexual complications
from diabetes, I had not heard of this before.  It is only recently that
information on this condition has become widely available, and
information is still sketchy and often conflicting. Basically what
happens is that (possibly due to nerve damage, medication, or other
causes) a muscle near the bladder does not contract properly. So instead
of going out the penis, semen travels back up into the bladder. The
condition may start slowly and gradually worsen. The part my relative
got wrong is that there is no "magic pill" to reverse the condition. For
some people tight control of BGs may help, for others, certain
medications may help. Nothing seems to be 100% effective, and there
seems to be no "standard" method of treatment. Very YMMV. However, even
when the condition can't be reversed, there are effective methods of
collecting sperm to be used for artificial insemination.  I can't find
any statistics saying how common this complication is, probably because
this is an area many people have difficulty talking about. Because men
can have this condition but are still able to have sex, it is possible
that many people with it never ask for help or treatment.
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