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[IP] seeing the pump, freaky comments, Who gives a damn

My cousin's boyfriend thought it(my pump Blue Boy) was a portable phone and
the tubing went to an earpiece. He had no clue until we went to lunch and I
programmed a bolus. At a computer fair some kid came up to me (age ~9 or so)
and asked me what stations I got on it? I just leave it clipped to my belt
and very few people have any clue as to what it is. It's like testing. On
the Jersey Turnpike I just sit down, take out my stuff and test. No one
notices anything. Very few people observe anything and if they do, who
cares, after 37 years I really no longer care if anyone knows I'm diabetic.
I used to but that wore thin after most coworkers knew it. For 33 years I
didn't tell my patients but if they learned that I was they were amazed that
I was able to get up and function all day long like everyone else with
diabetes. Sometimes during a long procedure I'd have to take a break for a
couple of glucose tabs. Its akin to my wife who was very nearsighted and
wore very thick glasses. She told me that No one would ever see her with her
glasses on. I just told her they don't notice. After she had Lasik she
agreed with me. It's the same thing, no different. One of the nurses at the
hospital would stare at my pump but then I realized she too was diabetic
when she asked me if it was helpful.

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