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Re: [IP] Different HA1C'S

I have rarely heard anyone talk about the reference range that is being used for

The reference range is important to give validity to the numbers we so easily
"throw around".   Another thing is that the test isn't always an "A1C".....

>From what little I just read, the "good" numbers are based on the results of the
DCCT and it sounded like a specific test with specific reference ranges.....not
all labs use the same ranges...

Several years ago my HMO sent me a notification that they were changing the test
that they were using.  I think I remember a difference of about 1% in the
reference range. (non-diabetic) ----- That would make a big difference in the
perceived percentages being "good or bad"......

Jim S.
email @ redacted

angie wrote:

> Yes.  Just last week I visited my endo who did a finger stick for the
> in-office A1c test.  The result was 9.0 which was shocking to me since I
> hadn't been higher than an 8.0 in a long while and I expected a similar
> result.  She asked if I wouldn't mind having my blood drawn at the lab to
> confirm the result.  When the lab results came back, my A1c was 8.1 which
> was more like I had expected.  Sure wish my results came back at 6.3 or 6.4,
> but 8.1 is a lot better than 9.0!  My doctor said that the in-office machine
> is sometimes not well calibrated, and that we should rely on the lab
> results.
> Angie Weber
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> Dawn Dvorak
> Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 9:40 AM
> To: insulin pumpers
> Subject: [IP] Different HA1C'S


> Of course both doc's say that their lab is the accurate one and I myself
> would rather have the 6.3 or the 6.4 but who is right?
> My lipid panel came back very good also.
> Has anyone had two different results like this?  I wouldn't care if the
> results weren't so different but I would like to know what is what.
> Dawn
> and pump buddy Blue Star

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