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[IP] Islet cell transplants

The stuff from University of Edmonton is exciting but, The NIH is now doing
a clinical trial on transplants of islet cells. I do not know the details
but when they are available by e-mail. I'll post their info once I get it.
You need not have renal failure. One item that was not clear in the Edmonton
information was the immunological status of their patients. If you have
Islet cell antibodies or Anti GAD-65 antibodies are you ineligible? It would
seem like you would be doomed to fail the transplant in these cases. But
this info was lacking from the public release. After 37 years I still have
anti GAD-65 antibodies although no islet cell antibodies are still present.
Those damned immune system cells have too good of a memory!Andy Bender
email @ redacted

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